Goldman Sachs HTC or VR inlet becomes the new Apple

Goldman believes that VR will become an important product cycle, by 2025 will create an annual production value of US $ 80 billion market. Because VR is still in its early stage of development, the platform will rise before the hardware and content. VR performed well will be the next Apple or =HTC. HTC stocks to buy at Goldman Sachs, followed by HTC rose 8.8%, Goldman’s price target to NT $ 95, 41% higher before the open price than it is today.

Goldman Sachs: HTC or VR inlet becomes the new Apple

HTC has developed a high performance VR platform jointly with the Valve, it uses proprietary software and hardware that includes a third-party app stores, and Apple’s product strategy is no different. Goldman believes that if in place, HTC will be able to earn money by selling hardware and services, just like Apple. By the year 2020, Goldman thinks the Vive for HTC contributed revenue of approximately 60%.

Goldman Sachs analyst Wei Chen (Wei Chen) that, in the long run, if VR and AR technology becomes as light as a spectacle, and variety of equipment could be consolidated into one, even has the potential to replace the handset and PC.

HTC smart mobile phones has been unsuccessful, what Goldman Sachs thinks it can mature in the VR market success? Goldman said HTC had learned a lesson. Goldman said HTC available for hardware and services revenue. From a long-term perspective, and hardware that gross margin would be reached overnight, because Vive platform is different. As regards services, Goldman thinks the HTC can range from Viveport (app store), having obtained the software into service revenue gross margin will reach 70-100%, Apple App Store, and Sony’s PlayStation Store.

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