Leap for which Motion gesture controllers to launch virtual reality helmet base

Today, Leap for which Motion came out with the base PC peripherals, users can connect Oculus Rift on the base, or other virtual reality helmets, for virtual reality applications track your hand movements. Synchronized with this base launched Leap Motion the software development kit (SDK), to support the use of virtual reality helmets to track hand movement from the perspective of.

The company hopes that developers will Leap Motion into virtual reality experiences, instead of using external devices such as keyboards, mice, or controllers, entered. Leap Motion co-founder David Holz wrote in his blog that “If virtual reality and real reality, then we believe that fast, accurate and stable hand tracking is necessary. ”

The base price of us $ 20, but it requires a Leap of Motion Controller (for $ 80) works. If supporting Oculus Rift to use, full system price is not cheap, that is, the function is not in order to prepare for the general public. At present, developers and sophisticated virtual reality game developers should be LeapMotion the main audience, so for at least the next few months.

Leap provides a Motion demo, which shows their controllers and Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 effects of collaboration, I saw first-hand information, also learned the company’s software is how to see the user in a virtual environment the finger bones inside. In May this year, the author points out that Leap software has achieved instant Motion tracking, if you move your fingers and watch ourselves when things occur, will barely notice any delay.

When Motion camera Leap when you move from the desktop to the Oculus above the Rift, you need to make some changes in the software, so that we can track hand movement with a new perspective, but will not cause any delay to the speed and accuracy of impact.

In addition to software and base equipment, Leap Motion also showed a demo of a prototype sensor, they named this sensor “Dragonfly (Dragonfly)”. The front part of the sensor can be bound in the Oculus Rift device, and explore more wide angle than the human eye. Leap Motion hope virtual reality helmet manufacturers can integrate the sensor into the hardware device, was entered by hand as a standard input mechanism of virtual reality.